DIY Wall Hanging Bow Organizer

Anytime Maci’s bows are shown in the background of my Instagram stories, I get tons of replies asking where I got it or how I made it! It was so simple to make and I only used 3 items, so I figured I would share it this way! Much easier than constantly trying to reply!   Here’s what you need: Thumb Tacks Flat thumb tacks worked better than the bigger…

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The Monday Madness Mile

I have been feeling so strong lately. I started working out again fairly consistently around 2-3 months postpartum. Little by little my strength has been rising steadily. Just in the…

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When Maci Met Her Memory Bear

I had been wanting to do something special with Maci’s newborn items for while now. I didn’t know if that meant clothing or blankets or what that looked like exactly.…