The Breastmilk Jewelry: The Final Chapter To My Breastfeeding Journey

It wasn’t the story I had hoped to share. Not the journey that seemed all that fair. It wasn’t the goddess-like vision I assumed was for me. Not the moments I ever thought I would see. But it was still magic and madness and so full of love. It had ups and downs and all of the above. It gave me strength and power to understand how to heal. It…

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Maci Ann Motherhood

When Maci Met Her Memory Bear

I had been wanting to do something special with Maci’s newborn items for while now. I didn’t know if that meant clothing or blankets or what that looked like exactly.…

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I Am Human, Too

I’ve always been a bigger girl. The few times in my life that I’ve been thinner have taken months of endless trial and error strategies to figure out what works…


  • Dear childhood me,
The next twenty years are going to be nothing like you expected. They will be worse and they will be better. They will reveal your weirdness and they will reveal your strengths. A lot of things will be difficult to understand at first. But remember that it’s okay to be weird, there’s no such thing as normal. Your weirdness is your super power. And with time, trust me, you’ll learn how to harness it. You don’t know it yet, but once you do, you will unknowingly give permission to those around you to do the same. It’s not about being the prettiest, the funniest, the realest or the most of anything. The world needs you in your truest form. It’s going to feel very uncomfortable and lonely at first, but take ownership and ignore that giant fear of potential criticism. The world is capable of adapting to your perception of yourself, so make your perception of yourself amazing. And weird. And fun. And true. And all that is you.
Grown up me who wishes she would have listened sooner (but also knows it’s never too late)
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  • Maci’s reaction when I told her she’s been swimming for more than half her life! 😂 (If you zoom in just north of her adorable double chin, you’ll see her two teeth!) 😻
We started her swimming lessons right when she turned 4 months old and have gone every single week since then. It’s been such a fun experience for us since I can get in the pool with her while being coached by an instructor. I love the way her face lights up with a giant toothy smile the moment we get in! She’s come such a long way and it excites me to know she is really starting to show how much she enjoys the water. Since Bobby’s family is a family full of swimmers (I’m talking hall of fame and Olympic style), I can’t help but wonder if she’ll love it just the same. So far, she’s showing major signs that it’s one of her favorite things to do!
I’ll never forget the first class we went to! I was so nervous. The class felt five hours long and I had to keep asking our instructor to repeat things. Now, it goes by really fast and before I know it, we’re done! I can’t wait to see how she continues to progress in her lessons! But above all, I just want her to learn to feel comfortable in the water and have a blast in the process! And if she ends up loving it enough to continue for years to come and be competitive, we’ll support her every step of the way. (Aka: me being that mom in the stands who won’t sit down and whose voice goes out by the end...) 💦 #matmomentswithmama
Maci’s Swimsuit: @leotudes
(and mine is from walmart lol)
  • I’ve been having so many dreams lately that I’m actually remembering. I’ve dreamt of our second child. I’ve dreamt of vacations on beaches. Workouts in the mountains. I’ve dreamt of time travel. It’s really just been all over the place way more than usual.
And I have to say, the dreams I’ve been having of our second child makes me wonder why it’s something that’s on my mind. I keep thinking of our future and what’s in store for us. I think of the house we’ll hopefully move into one day and the memories we’ll create. I think of the conversations we’ll have together and if she’ll have my ridiculous sense of humor that I had as a child. I think of the love. All that love I have to give.
My mind has been racing much more than normal lately and I’m wondering if that’s why I’m dreaming so vividly. They’ve been confusing me so much, especially since I’m remembering them so clearly.
I know it might just mean I need to slow down. And just breathe and soak in these moments we are currently creating together. So I just held her close to me this afternoon, as the rain poured down. And we just breathed it all in together. Because these are the moments I hope to never forget.
Do you think dreams mean anything?
  • Today I hit #40weekspostpartum. I don’t have some miraculous “40 weeks in and 40 weeks out” side by side photo to show how amazing I transformed, and that’s okay. I think I have a total of 3 photos of my actual bump from after I turned 30 weeks pregnant (when I started to feel like I kinda looked like it). And while I still feel upset at myself for not taking those photos, I know I’ll never make that mistake again. My body has changed in a lot of different ways in the last year. So has my mind and how I process my emotions. I was looking through photos and found this one from a few weeks ago and it seriously made my heart feel good. I was happy and the sun was shining. I was proud. It was that little reminder that I need to continue being in the photos. That I’m doing a good job. That my belly may not be flat and perfect but it’s the belly that brought me Maci. That’s the kind of reminder that I needed today.
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  • It’s become an unwritten rule in this house now to not ask questions when one exits the room with Maci in a newly changed diaper and full on face/body mask of diaper cream. I’ve given up and just know that I’ll get it everywhere but on her butt until the 50th try and swiping in like a cobra at lightning speed between kicks and rolls. Bobby came out of the room one time and it was on his back. But, like I said, no questions asked. Winter is coming. And I don’t mean GOT or actual winter. I mean we are inching our way towards her just up and crawling away in the midst of her alligator rolling and kicking me in the face. Woooooo!!! Motherhood!!! High five to all the mamas with kids in diapers rocking that diaper cream like the freaking mama bear warrior they are! 🙌🏼 Happy Friday! 😂
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