The Sleep App That Got Us Sleeping Through The Night

Our sleep journey has been all over the place for the last few months. There were times that Maci would sleep easily and then times she would be up all night and nap all day, completely backwards. I felt lost and had no idea what I was supposed to do or how to adjust her sleep habits. It was difficult to handle feeling so stuck and confused, and I struggled…

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  • We all try and make the best decisions as mothers, whether our minds made those decisions or our bodies decided for us. There are so many variables. So many reasons to take different directions. And so many reasons to celebrate each other no matter how different our directions may be. Breastfeeding, formula feeding, exclusively pumping, supplementing, a mixture... whatever you’re doing and trying, @moderndaywonderland and I want you to know that you’re doing great, mama!
  • Big news!! 💕 I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be taking over @thebump today for #takeovertuesday where I’ll be sharing my heart and my journey to motherhood and self love. I hope you’ll come and join me!! #thebump
PS. Trying to take this photo had me laughing as Maci yanked my necklace, reached for the letterboard and yet rocked her glasses even as they kept falling off! 🍍
  • Last week, I hit a PR on my squats (195lbs) and bench press (120lbs). The power I feel when I push my body to its limits is like no other feeling. Pushing my body does come with something just as uncomfortable as sore muscles though. It comes with small leaks. But even in my pee-proof @iconundies, I still feel like a badass mama with each PR that I hit! They come in all sizes up to 3XL and two absorbencies, light and moderate. And they are actually more comfy than my regular undies!
And this week is World Continence Week! Did you know that 1 in 3 women leak a little? But #threeinthree people can change the conversation around our bodies. The silence and embarrassment around leaks causes an average woman to wait seven years to tell her doctor! @iconundies is sparking up the conversation even more this week and offering 33% off their entire range of undies now until 6/25! Use code MEG5 for an additional $5 off your order through the link in my bio. Let’s all speak up, mamas, without the embarrassment!
Tee: @naturalmomdesigns
  • For a decade of our lives together, I remember always thinking how great of a father you would be. And then you became one and blew away all of my expectations. From the way you tickle and giggle with her to the way you read to her every single night even after a long day at work. And you never want anything in return. You just want your time with her. You want everything for her and for us. You’re so selfless. You said to me earlier today when I tried squeezing you and shouting HFD that everyday felt like Father’s Day to you. Today was perfect. It’s late, but I avoided my phone all day long and we had another simple and beautiful day together. Thank you, babe. I knew you would be amazing at this, but you still blow me away each and everyday with just how amazing. ♥️ #happyfathersday #myloves #mywholeworld
  • That one time I put her bonnet on backwards in a rush... 😂 but ended up seeing this and my heart exploded so #worthit!! She officially sits unassisted for a few minutes at a time just in the last two days! I can tell she is so anxious to be on the move and is such a wiggle worm. She gets super grumpy if she can’t do something and does a dinosaur squeal, specifically if she topples over and can’t get back up or roll over or just get up and go! Do you have a determined wiggle worm dinosaur squealer?!
  • If you watch my stories, you know I love posting a few clips of each workout. I get asked often how I find the motivation to get my butt to a workout everyday. Because #momlife is exhausting.
I drink a pre-workout.
Then I turn up gangsta rap and remind myself just how badass I am.
Then I show up and do work the best I can.
I think about how it makes me feel. How my clothes feel on my body and how that changes, even if it’s slowly. How my energy changes. How these watermelon pants are the exact measurements I was right after I lost weight— my “pre-baby” body. And how I actually lift more and am already stronger than I was at that time, but I just don’t look the same as I did then. I don’t care what a scale says (I don’t weigh myself anymore), it’s all about how I feel in my body, mind and soul. Maybe as time continues, my body will shape its way back into these pants. Maybe I’ll have another post like this in September with them a little further up my legs that time. I can’t guarantee that, but what I can guarantee is that I’ll be a hell of a lot stronger than I am now. And that’s definitely something to be proud of and stay motivated for.
It’s possible to find motivation anywhere and in anything that works for you. But I will say there’s something about gangsta rap that works for me! 😂💪🏽 #momswholift