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Life With Maci: Six Months Old

May 4, 2018

Hello, six months! We’re jumping, sitting with assistance, bouncing, eating baby food, and just living it up these days! This month went by faster than any other month. It almost feels like we are rolling downhill and it’s just going faster and faster and faster. This is so crazy! But I’m honestly loving how she’s just becoming a little goofball.

Biggest Changes

Chunky monkey banana lover! She’s 19 pounds and 28 inches long. She really grew in these last two months and pretty much doesn’t fit into her clothes one bit. Her thigh rolls are amazing. She also loves to eat her hands. The teething has started, so cue the drooling and crazy hand biting. No fever or anything like that yet, but she just gets fussy and seems uncomfortable at times.

She still doesn’t really roll over much. But she does every now and then, so it seems like she just isn’t into it right now. Maci does what Maci wants.

No more Mamaroo. She’s way too big for it now. We alternate between the Dockatot toys, jumper, play mat, and now a walker! She hasn’t moved much in it so far, but it’s only been a few days. She can spin all the way around now in her jumper and bounces like crazy. She also slaps the bee and I’m pretty sure she tells him who is boss since she is always yelling at him as she slaps him.

She found her toes at last! She grabs on to them and just loves rocking back and forth with them. Everyone says that she will eventually put them in her mouth but she’s so chunky, not sure how that will work. We shall see!

Oh, and size 4 diapers. Yeah. What happened to my tiny baby?!

Memorable Moments

In her swimming lessons, she’s in level 1 Tadpoles. She’s got several things to master before moving to level 2, but she filled her card with the entire first column of stars (there are 3 columns). She’s submerging every lesson now, always smiling and it’s amazing to bond with her in these classes!

We introduced baby food this month, when she was right at 5 1/2 months old! Started with bananas for an entire week, then added sweet potatoes, followed by carrots and apple sauce. I just introduced green beans recently and she was not a fan. So may have to try some mixing to make sure she eats her greens. I may try peas next and see what she thinks! We got her the 4moms High Chair and it’s been such a life saver since it’s not giant and is easy to move around. She also seems really comfortable in it.

She’s been doing a lot better with her sitting lately. She can sit unassisted for a couple of seconds before toppling over. We practice a few times a day. She loves to sit, so luckily it’s not hard to get her to practice!


Lately, she’s been getting up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can get her back to sleep, but if not then we just do a feeding and try and get her back down. I recently started using the Huckleberry Sleep app and consulting program. I started it about a week ago. I’ll have to do an entire post about it once I’ve done it for about a month to have better feedback. But so far it’s really opened my eyes to what Maci’s specific schedule should look like. I’ve slowly tried transitioning her into their recommended schedule, but I’m trying to make it a slow process to not completely throw her off. We are definitely no longer doing anything “on demand” anymore and really trying to form a true schedule for her. So if that means waking her up from a nap, that’s what we will do.

Here is a short outline of where we currently are in our schedule. It’s gone fairly well, but still trying to take out that one middle of the night feeding/wake up session.

7:00am — Wake Up/Breakfast
9:00-10:30am — Morning Nap
12:30-2:00pm — Afternoon Nap
4:30-5:00pm — Evening Nap
6:00pm — Dinner
7:00pm — Bath Time
7:30pm — Feeding, Book, Snuggles with Daddy
8:00pm — Asleep in her crib for the night
*Usually wakes up around 3-4am. Trying to eliminate that.

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