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May 18, 2018

CG GAMES 2018.

Yep. It’s happening. This July. And to be honest with you, I’m pretty much terrified. I didn’t participate last year since I was 6 months pregnant. I did participate the year before in 2016 and completed all the events almost exactly one year after I initially started my fitness journey. I didn’t win anything or make it to finals, but I finished. And that was awesome.

If you’re not sure was CG Games is all about or what you have to do, it’s a fitness event where you challenge yourself to rise above what you think you’re capable of in events that test agility, strength, speed and endurance movements. Most of what we do through Camp Gladiator will be tested at the CG Games prelims, which will be a total of 5 individual timed events. The top performing times in all different age categories will move on to the finals later in the year, but that’s not my goal this year. This year, I want to finish. This year, I want to complete all 5 events and feel damn good about myself when I’m done.

These are the 5 events (and videos linked for what I’ll be doing for each one):


It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to hard. There’s a chance I may not finish or complete an event. I’m most confident about the Strength event and the most terrified of the Endurance. A close second of complete fear would be the Peak event. It’s seriously so scary to think about. I haven’t been able to finish either one yet. And I currently have roughly two months left to train for them. But just because something is scary or hard or seems near impossible doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Stand up tall and stare it straight in the face. IT. IS. POSSIBLE.

But I get it. I’m not saying it’s this easy decision to get up and go. Every time I get myself out of the house to head to a workout, I feel tired and overwhelmed. I always consider just staying home and taking a nap while Maci is napping. It’s exhausting, especially when you make the decision to work yourself so hard when you know you could be enjoying a moment of silence during nap time. It’s nothing like it was when I first starting working out before I had Maci. This is so much different. This exhaustion is on a whole new level. I question myself daily if it’s something I should even focus on anymore and if it’s really worth it. But it is worth it. I always bring myself back around when I drift off like that. Choosing this lifestyle is hard. But when it’s something that makes such a huge difference in your life from the way you feel to the way you physically fit in your bathtub to the fact that you can bend over and actually tie your shoes, it’s worth every second of it being HARD.

I get questions all the time about how I do it. How do I push beyond those feelings? I don’t have the answer.


But I miss days, too. I stay home sometimes. It doesn’t happen too often, but I listen to my body when I need to. That’s really the biggest piece of advice that I have to offer when it comes to pushing through the exhaustion. Listen to your body. You’ll know if it’s a day that just won’t benefit you. The way I sometimes look at it is if I have to actually contemplate back and forth if I should go, then I just go. If I don’t even have to contemplate because I’m just feeling that awful from a bad night with no rest or I never even got the chance to eat very much, then I stay. If I feel good enough to take the time to contemplate whether I should go or not, then I know I’m capable of getting myself out there. And even when I do get myself out there, I struggle. Sometimes I have tears streaming down my face that my trainer and others probably don’t even notice because of how much I’m sweating and it all just blends in together. With each step I take while running, it’s as if I’m running through thick mud. Every step takes so much effort to move my body forward or sideways or whatever he’s making us do. But the amazing thing is that the more I get out there, little by little the mud gets a little bit less thick. And while progress happens slowly, it’s happening.

Right now, I workout about 4x a week. I’m hoping to increase it to 5x here very soon. But as of right now my schedule looks a little something like this:

TUES/THURS:  Camp Gladiator (60 minutes)
WED/FRI:  Heavy Lifting Session (45 minutes)

Also, there’s never going to be “the right time” when it comes to health and fitness. Everyone is always “in the middle of something” in their life and the moment they’re looking for to begin or do the hard thing they said they would do will never be just right. And honestly, that goes for everything. If we constantly wait for the perfect timing, our lives will pass us by. Don’t let your life pass you by. If it’s something you want, go for it. You may fail a bunch of times and it will probably be harder than you even thought it would be. But that will never mean that it’s impossible.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this…

It’s never going to be the right time.
There’s a good chance you’ll fail before you succeed.
It’s probably going to be harder than you thought.
But just do the hard thing you said you wanted to do.

It’s more possible than you think.


See you in July, CG Games.

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