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Life With Maci: Eight Months Old

July 4, 2018

I feel like I say the same thing each month, begging for time to slow down, but it’s so true! A year ago around 4th of July, we were having our Gender Reveal party and finding out that we had a daughter. We also knew in our hearts that she would be named Maci Ann. It’s interesting because we didn’t have a boy named picked out, nothing felt right. But we had Maci Ann almost from the moment we found out I was pregnant. And now she’s a bubbly and curious eight month old that is growing by the day at this point. Crazy what a year can do!

Biggest Changes

She officially sat up this month! She still needs a little bit of assistance, but she can find her balance fairly well. She doesn’t sit well enough yet for me to feel comfortable with her doing this anywhere other than the center of our bed or the pack ‘n play since she still topples over. But we practice it everyday and I can tell she’s getting stronger with it. She also flipped from her back to her tummy multiple times this last month. AND she finally realized she can put her toes in her mouth!

Even though she doesn’t crawl yet, she does a funny dance when she is trying to scoot backwards. I’m wondering if this next month will be the month she tries to crawl!

Blowing bubbles and making the cutest sounds is how she plays now. I think she is trying to sing and talk to her toys and that’s what she can muster up with her voice and lips. So cute!

She is officially wearing size 18 month clothes. There are a select few of 12 months that still fit, but she is just so long! Anything 12 months barely buttons. If it’s a separate top and bottom, 12 months usually fits, but a one piece will always have to be 18 months now. It’s funny because she has these tiny shoulders and upper body but her lower body is long and full of chub!

Moved up to size 5 diapers! I was a little in denial about it because HOW is my baby already in size 5 diapers?! But once we moved her up to them, they fit perfectly.

Oh my gosh, and her hair is growing thicker! I can actually wash it and brush it after her bath and naps. This makes me so excited! Bobby keeps saying we will cut it eventually and I usually give him an evil look, because nooooo!

Memorable Moments

We sent some of my remaining breastmilk off to be made into a ring. This was so emotional for me to do. More to come on this once I receive it.

The moments I saw her do a few firsts this month, like sitting and flipping over (back to tummy) and putting her toes in her mouth all made me emotional and happy all at the same time. My favorite moments! Then again, I say that anytime she does something new. Seriously, though. To me, everything she does is magic.

She attended her very first concert. We went to see my trainer perform with his band and she was fascinated by all the people and the music. I was really nervous taking her since it was outdoors and I was worried she would be scared and hot, but she was literally perfect the entire time. It reminded me that taking her places and giving her the opportunity to see new things is important, so I’m hoping I continue to find the courage to do more things like this!


The Huckleberry Sleep app has saved us in the last two months. I wrote an entire blog post about why we love it, read more about that here. Since we have started using that, Maci sleeps through the night. Normally she will go to bed between 8-9pm and wake up at 7am on the dot every morning. She has two naps each day, one usually from 9-11am (except Fridays due to swimming lessons, I move her morning nap to a short one from 8:30-9:30am and a longer afternoon nap) and one from 2-4pm. It will fluctuate sometimes within the hour before or after those times. But it’s always really close to that unless she isn’t feeling well the way she was recently when she got a low grade fever due to teething. I feel so lucky she has done so well transitioning into a good schedule so far!

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