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Baby Wearing For The Active Plus Size Mama

July 25, 2018

Before Maci was born, I purchased a random baby wrap. It seemed like the best option at the time. I knew I wanted to wear her as often as I could, so the wraps seemed great. I’ll be honest, I didn’t do much research. I had seen an old friend wearing one so assumed it was fine. And it looked super stretchy, which also made me assume it would fit my larger frame well. It sat on my dresser in the box for a few weeks until Maci was home at last. I finally had the courage to take it out of the box to try it out with Maci. She was a few weeks old by the time I had to courage to try.

And oh… my… goodness.

It was one long (and I mean LONG) piece of fabric. I thought, “how does this even work?!” as I kept unraveling it. I ended up putting it away for a few more days and eventually googled (of course) how to put it on. I practiced a couple of times and wondered how I would do this so quickly all the time. I eventually got the hang of it (you know, the entire 5 minute process), but then the real struggle began. It was so hot. That amount of fabric had my hormonal self drenched. I attempted to walk outside for a bit, but I immediately started sweating. And I could feel Maci start to sweat too. That was the only time I tried wearing her outside of the house.

I attempted several more times when she went through the phase of needing to be held at all times. It seemed to calm her down, but once again, just by walking around the house in circles with her, I began to sweat terribly. It just felt so hot on my body. Sure, it was one size fits all and stretchy, but it was making baby wearing something I wasn’t as interested in anymore. This made my heart heavy because I really did want to be able to walk around with her at the park and see the ducks. I wanted to be able to get some simple workout activity in while wearing her to benefit the both of us. It didn’t look like it was going to work out.

Eventually, I was only wearing her maybe once a month. And as summer approached, I knew it would be near impossible for us. And then something amazing happened that was a complete game changer for us!

I found a baby carrier that had everything I was looking for. I found the Baby K’tan Active Baby Carrier! As I read more about it’s features, I was wishing I had spent more time researching (ahem… googling) about baby carriers. I honestly didn’t think that there was one that existed for both the active AND plus size mom! Because, you know, we exist!


Here are my favorite game-changing features for this baby carrier:

Sizing Options

There are actual sizes that help fit to your exact body (XXS – XL). I wear the XL baby carrier and my clothing sizes are 20-22 with a 42D chest. Maci is 21 pounds of chunky goodness and we are the perfect amount of snug. You can use the Baby K’tan sizing calculator to determine your size. I will say that if you’re above a size 24, the XL might be a little too snug if you have a super chunky babe like Maci. But remember, when you first get your baby carrier, it is meant to be able to stretch with time. If it feels a little snug, try placing your arms in the loops and pull down. It will stretch more with use.

It’s a Wrap Without Any Wrapping

I was done with wraps that took forever to get on. And this one is so easy to slip on! Its like an infinity loop (two loops together) that you wrap around you neck like a scarf and then slip your arms through like a t-shirt. It has a separate sash you can add on that’s just as simple to tie in the back. Oh, and PS, the sash can convert into a storage bag!

Breathable Fabric, Less Than a Mile Long

We all know I sweat a lot. Thank you, hormones! The last thing I need is the mile long piece of fabric that covers me in sweat. The Baby K’tan Active Baby Carrier is 100% polyester performance sports mesh! Crazy breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture. I didn’t feel like I was covered in fabric. Oh, and did I mention the material actually feels cool? Even standing outside, it never felt warm to the touch!

Five Carry Positions

Most wraps and carriers have different carrying positions, but I love the options this carrier provides! And it isn’t crazy complicated to use each one. Check out these videos to learn how to use each position:

Kangaroo Position (newborn)
Hug Position
Adventure Position
Explore Position
Hip Position

So far, I have tried the hug and adventure positions. I’m excited to try the explore and hip positions next!

Maci and I recently took a trip to the park and I finally got to wear her while walking around with the ducks! She was laughing and laughing while in the adventure position. It was such a fun experience for us. I wore my workout gear to prepare for our walk and easily slipped on my Baby K’Tan Active Baby Carrier with no issues. It was such a blast! I’m looking forward to getting the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier when the weather cools down. I just can’t get over how easy it is to put on and use!

Whether you’re a plus size mama, an active mama, or a mama who just wants a comfortable baby carrier that is easy to put on and doesn’t make you sweat, then you’re definitely a mama who needs this baby carrier! Read more about the Baby K’tan baby carrier options to see which style would fit your lifestyle best!

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Baby K'tan Baby Carriers and Baby Wraps

This post is sponsored by Baby K’tan, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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