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When Maci Met Her Memory Bear

I had been wanting to do something special with Maci’s newborn items for while now. I didn’t know if that meant clothing or blankets or what that looked like exactly. Every time I thought about it, I was like a basket of emotions. Eventually, we packed up all of her clothes and put them in storage. Like most things, I didn’t feel ready.

When I ended up speaking to Natalie, the owner of Stitches by Natalie, I was excited more than anything. We spoke about something called a Memory bear where I would send her a few of Maci’s special clothing items or swaddles or blankets to be stitched into a bear just for Maci. I was so in love with this idea! I decided to make it a bear from a few of her newborn onesies. And the time came for me to send her the items. I kept talking to Bobby about going to the storage and taking them out, but I knew I would feel a lot of things when I saw them again. We finally brought the container back to our house for me to look through and decide what to send. I opened it and began pulling out the clothes. To say I “lost it” is an understatement. I was hugging the clothes and couldn’t believe she was so tiny. I picked 6 of them, folded them up neatly and placed them on our dresser. They stayed there for at least a week. Even after I had picked up an envelope to mail them in.

I didn’t know why this was so hard for me.

But Bobby finally sat me down and talked me through it. We had a moment together where he shook his head as I hugged and sniffed each individual onesie and placed it in the envelope. And then I sent them away.

When I received the box that said Stitches by Natalie on it, I literally ran to our bedroom and jumped on the bed with it. I stared at it for a good while before opening it. The moment I pulled it out of the box brought me so much peace! Not only was the bear absolutely amazing, but Maci’s remaining onesies that had their little cutouts were in there too. It was the best feeling.

I didn’t introduce Maci to her bear until I had the chance to document this moment. I knew she would love it and probably try to lick and chew on it, so I waited for the right moment. I ended up taking a video of it first before I brought her in to sit with it. The moment she sat next to it, she couldn’t take her eyes off it! She was patting it and so curious about it. By the time I knew it, not to my surprise, she began chewing on the arm.

She had just met her new best friend.

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