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The Monday Madness Mile

August 30, 2018

I have been feeling so strong lately. I started working out again fairly consistently around 2-3 months postpartum. Little by little my strength has been rising steadily. Just in the last month or so, I have noticed a huge change in my strength during my lifting sessions. I moved up in my dumbbells as well to 25’s and even sometimes 30’s. It’s been honestly amazing. One of the best feelings to feel my body becoming stronger than ever before (even pre-pregnancy at 60 pounds lighter than now).

However, I’ve become so focused on my strength that I’ve almost lost sight of my endurance.

Before I got pregnant, I was running 5K’s almost every month. I wasn’t all that fast, but I was doing it enough to be able to last the entire way without stopping. That was major for me back then. Now, I try my absolute best during any sort of cardio activity, but my endurance just isn’t there. I’m not the biggest fan of running and I really never have been. I don’t really count my junior high track days because, 1) I was a child and 2) I had great friends and coaches that made it fun. So, yeah. I’ve never been a runner and every time I have tried, I’ve always felt overwhelmed by it (even though, yes, I’ve pushed through).

So over the last two weeks, I decided to just go for it. I was talking to Shane, my trainer, about adding a 5th day of training. I currently do 50/50 powerlifting and Camp Gladiator – Tuesday through Friday. I felt ready to add in Monday. So when I brought this feeling up to Shane, he suggested to do something I don’t normally do on Monday. Something that would challenge me and is the most difficult thing for me to do. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was running. BLAH! But I decided to just go for it. I showed up two weeks ago on that Monday with my headphones and made a goal to just finish without stopped. I decided to time it and just see what I could do. Turned out, I finished it without stopping in 13 minutes and 9 seconds.  I was actually impressed with myself. Wow, maybe I can do this! So the next Monday (this week), I showed up again. I finished it without stopping in 13 minutes and 1 second. I recorded myself afterwards feeling great, and exhausted, of course! And just happened to call it the Monday madness mile out of the blue.

Then it came to me!

The Monday Madness Mile! Love it.

I created a sheet that would help me track it for September. This is basically what I do for everything because I love creating documents and cute things to keep accountable. As I was looking at it, I thought, hey!! I should see if anyone else would want to use it! Maybe someone else needs a little motivation to do this as well.

Click the link below to download a copy for yourself!

The Monday Madness Mile with meg – September Challenge

Even if you aren’t running yet or you’re just now starting to get moving again, walking is great too! We all start somewhere. All of our goals are different. But all of us are more than capable of doing something for ourselves and getting it done just once a week.

Before each mile, make a goal for yourself. It can be broad, like jog without stopping. Or it can be detailed, like make it under 10 minutes with a steady pace first lap, faster pace second lap, steady pace third lap and fastest pace last lap. Something I have done before when it comes to goals after attempting to transition from walking to jogging (when doing this on an actual track) is jogging the straights and walking the curves. Or if you’re on a treadmill, think about making it a goal to jog for 20 seconds and then walk for 40 seconds on repeat. Just do what feels right for you, which will help you set your goals. You can do this! And while you may not always reach your goals right away (and if you do, try and push your goals a little more), always end with something positive. So you didn’t meet your goal of under 10 minutes this time, it’s okay! Think about why you did awesome! Maybe it was just the fact that you got out there and DID A MILE. That’s pretty awesome. Remember to congratulate yourself more often.


If you do decide to join in on the challenge, use the hashtag #MondayMadnessMile and be sure to tag me, @meg.boggs, so I can cheer you on!

PS. It still counts if it’s not on a Monday!

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