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Maci Then And Now

December 19, 2018

I can’t even believe it’s been over a year since Maci entered our lives.

We had a newborn photo shoot planned for Maci just after she was born. I remember texting our photographer, Lindsay, as I sat in the hospital bed and Maci slept in the incubator next to me. I was full of excitement as I announced she was born. We set the date for the following week.

Three days later, Maci was admitted into the NICU for jaundice after my breastfeeding attempts were unsuccessful.

I texted Lindsay about rescheduling. Part of me actually considered cancelling, mostly because of the guilt that was a bit too overwhelming for me at the moment. And I didn’t feel comfortable being in photos with Maci at the time either.

However, Maci and I showed up to her new appointment, despite my hesitation and fear of the camera.

And I am SO GLAD that we did.

I felt so welcomed from the moment we stepped foot in her home. She just had this way of making me feel comfortable and it was clear she had some magical powers with newborns because Maci never even made a sound the entire three hours we were there. She even had a make-up artist there to pamper me while Maci was pampered with warm blankets and snuggles throughout the session. 

A year later, I brought Maci back into Lindsay’s studio. And the memories washed over me as Maci sat next to the stuffed pig, the pig I’ve had since I was a baby. The same one she was photographed next to during her newborn session. 

The beautiful images we received from both sessions are ones that I will cherish forever. And I know Maci will, too. 

Lindsay Walden is honestly one-of-a-kind. Her creativity and kind heart made me feel like family throughout both sessions. Thank you so much for these incredible memories, Lindsay!

Photos by Lindsay Walden Photography, award winning and internationally featured fine art photographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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