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6 Ways To Begin A Self-Love Journey In The New Year

December 30, 2018

This is probably the first year since I started my fitness journey in 2015 that I don’t feel anxious as the new year approaches.

Normally, I’m gathering up every possible calendar when it comes to meal prepping and calorie counting and workout schedules and waist measurements and…

*deep breath*

I already feel like I have failed before I begin.

But before I continue, let me just say this. I still plan on continuing my fitness journey into the new year with a fresh boost. I still plan on getting in my protein and showing up for workouts. I just don’t have that immense pressure that I normally put on myself.

So I started thinking about what has changed in this last year. What ways have I made this even remotely possible? (It’s still something I work on every single day… and I definitely have set backs.)

Love Your Body As It Is

I was ALWAYS waiting for that magic moment. The one where I felt like I was finally beautiful. Where I was finally the size I wanted to be. When my stomach didn’t sag and my stretch marks didn’t reflect in the light. The moment I started allowing myself to love the stretch, sag, marks and things that I was assuming would make all the difference ended up being my magic moment. So the reps and muscle burn during a workout were no longer about punishing my body, but more about honoring it for what it was capable of doing.

Get Uncomfortable On Purpose

Okay. I know. This sounds CRAZY, right? But hear me out. This sort of ties into what I just talked about regarding loving your body as it is. The very first step for me that I’ve talked about before is to look in the mirror without allowing negative thoughts. This is where it started for me after years and years of avoiding it. And it will most likely be very uncomfortable at first. But the beauty won’t ever be seen if you never take a moment to look.

Step In Front Of The Camera

Being a mom, I quickly found myself behind the camera WAY more than I was in front of it. And before I even had Maci, I was definitely not even taking photos. I probably have a solid 5 years of my 20’s where no photos were taken. When I saw myself in that first photo, I just about passed out. I didn’t want to see it or take another one ever again. It was even harder and more uncomfortable than glancing in the mirror. But just like the mirror, little by little, it began to get easier. And I began to see the things I liked about myself. And these things eventually turned into things I love.

Hit The Unfollow Button

If there are accounts that pop up on your feed that immediately bring negative energy into your space, hit unfollow. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I tried convincing myself that I needed to follow a certain account because it gave me “inspiration” when in reality, I just felt really awful every time. And it would completely change my day and attitude. Clean up that social media space and fill it with those that bring you #positivevibes.

Eat Foods You Love, Not Foods You Hate

If you know me in real life, you know I hate onions. I always make sure to specifically say no onions on anything I order out if it might have them. But I actually found myself on this new fad diet where you are supposed to eat an entire onion. The whole thing. And there I was, eating an onion and crying because onions make you cry and also because I absolutely hate onions. I was so depressed and frustrated and taking it out on Bobby all the time. It was making me become such a negative person to be around and actually changing me in a horrible way. Moral of the story, don’t eat the onion if you hate onions.

Say No More Often

I’ve always been a yes person. I find it difficult to say no to things. But then I would find myself in situations that were only bringing me down because they ended up being focused on my weight, or focused on my parenting style, or simply made me feel negative thoughts. Say yes to the things that make you excited, that bring you joy, that give you the opportunity to love yourself.

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