How We Found The Perfect (& Most Affordable) Furniture For Our New House

April 8, 2019

Thank you Facebook Marketplace for sponsoring this post. There’s something for everyone!

We are officially all moved into our new house!

It has been an exciting few weeks for us to begin the process of settling in. Our very first night, after Maci was in bed, Bobby and I each sat in one of our rocking chairs that were placed in our empty living room. It was the only furniture that still wasn’t quite enough to silence the echoes of an almost empty room.

But – this room didn’t feel empty at all. We laughed and rocked as we looked around at the scattered toys from the busy girl whose giggles and babbles filled the room, and would continue to fill the room with the best memories. I could already feel the beautiful memories that weren’t yet created. I could tell this home was going to be one filled with an intense amount of love.

And as we rocked, we talked about what the first step was now. How do we fill this space and truly make it our home?

I knew (and so did Bobby after my 30-minute rambles) that I wanted a specific kind of couch for our living room to replace our rocking chairs that would be moved to other rooms. I wanted a sectional with a chaise and something that was a bit darker, maybe grey, to be able to handle Maci’s messiness. (Okay, my messiness as well, to be honest, ha!) This led to us pulling out our phones and doing some searching. Everyone does that, right?

Well, what we found out was that it was out of our price range, at least something durable and long-lasting. Especially with how many other things we would need to purchase to begin furnishing and decorating our home, it just wasn’t going to fit into our budget if that’s the kind of couch that I wanted.

Then, I remembered Facebook Marketplace.

I quickly searched “sectional couch with chaise” in our area and I couldn’t believe it. There were so many people in my community selling theirs. And then I saw it. The exact couch I was picturing in our new home. This time, it was in our price range and in such great condition! With one simple click, a message was sent to the seller and within the hour I had already received a response that it was available! We made arrangements for me to pick it up from her home the following day, and I was so excited!

While Bobby and my dad loaded up the couch the next day, I got a chance to talk to the seller who was also a mom. They were moving into a new house the following week and selling the couch that they had only had for two years. We chatted about mom things for awhile and I mentioned to her that this was the first time I had purchased through Facebook Marketplace, and I’ll never forget her response.

She said, “Oh, girl… Facebook Marketplace will be your new favorite addiction!”

I can already tell that she was right! I’m starting to find myself looking up different things we need for the house on Facebook Marketplace every chance I get! It was just so easy and convenient, and not to mention, super affordable to find anything you’re looking for, from couches to kitchen appliances, to home décor (which I will probably be looking into soon), to so much more.

As soon as the couch was all set up, Maci was ecstatic. She loved lounging on it and made sure to let me know by giggling louder than ever as the room echoed, but this time it echoed a whole lot less.

The memories had begun.

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