About Meg

I’m Meghan Boggs, a stay at home mom to Maci. I’m married to my best friend, Bobby. He’s pretty much the bees knees.

Bobby and I share the same birthday and are obsessed with watching reality and competition shows together. He probably doesn’t want me to tell you, but we even do Bachelor drafts (I always win).

Bobby is an accountant and I taught elementary music followed by managing a music studio before transitioning to staying at home with our daughter. Just after we got married in 2014, I received some startling news at my annual OBGYN appointment. I was extremely overweight (not really news to me at the time), but if it was in our future to try and start a family, things might get complicated and my hopes of eventually becoming a mother could disappear unless I made some life changes to take care of myself. That was all it took for me to turn my life around. I started attending Camp Gladiator, began to change my mindset on life and lost over 80 pounds in that next year (and gained a whole lot of self love!). Eventually, I was weight lifting, spinning, attending yoga and still rocking it at CG. I was feeling so strong both physically and mentally.

In the spring of 2017, Bobby and I discovered we were expecting our first little bundle of joy. After experiencing pregnancy, giving birth and transitioning to staying home with our daughter, I decided to document my experiences through it all. First time motherhood, marriage, fitness, health, life, you name it. After gaining almost all of my weight back during my pregnancy, I found myself learning to love my body as it is while still focusing on my health with a positive approach. Right alongside the world of motherhood and all that it brings physically, emotionally and mentally.

You may have seen me featured on places like Scary Mommy, The Bump, Romper, Babble, Motherly, Love What Matters, Health Magazine, Shape, CafeMom, Ellen Nation, Ravishly, Mom Dot Me, and PopSugar. 

However you ended up here, I’m so glad you’re here! My goal in this space is to inspire women and mothers of all kinds, shapes, colors, and sizes to find the strength and courage to embrace life, love endlessly and live intentionally.